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China Chemical Engineering Second Construction Corporation, whose registered capital is RMB 178.09 million yuan, originating from China Chemical Engineering Second Construction Company which was established in 1953, locating in Taiyuan of Shanxi province, a city named “Dragon City”, is a large comprehensive construction enterprise with first-class general contractor, and subjected to State-owned Assets Supervision Committee and held by China National Chemical Engineering Group Corp. CCESCC was authorized the qualifications of first-class general contracting in petrochemical industry , civil building, plant equipment installation, municipal projects and metallurgical works; first-class special contracting in pipeline, foundation and soil improvement, environmental protection ,firing and electromechanical projects; manufacture & assembly welding licenses for pressure vessel of Class A3,D1,D2; installation licenses for various pressure pipelines; the permit for boilers erection & maintenance; the license of lifting equipment erection & maintenance; the permit for installation & test of electric facilities. Meanwhile, CCESCC has vast experience in heavy industrial plant; installation and test of DCS; multi-story building; large-size storage tank assembly, heavy lifting and conveyance etc. And CCESCC was early authorized a series of International Standard Control System Conformity, such as GB/T19001 (ISO9001), GB/T24001(ISO14001), GB/T28001(OHSAS18001) in the trade of construction. CCESCC has twelve subsidiaries, including earth & rock surveying, foundation treatment, architecture & building, installation, electrical & instrumentation, NDT, inspection and test, painting and insulation, large machine construction, heavy hoisting, real estate development, logistics and etc. CCESCC has 4,800 staffs, among them, 1,800 supervisors for each field, 3,000 technical workers; 386 persons with senior professional qualifications; 350 project managers (163 first-class project managers); 168 first-class registered constructors. The total amount of construction machinery is over 1836 sets, whose total capacity is up to 43,377 KW, among which, one Nissan truck crane for 120t, 160t, 170t respectively, three 300t crawler cranes. For CCESCC, the annual productive capability is over RMB five thousand million Yuan. For the manufacturing capability of non-standard equipment, pressure vessel and metal structure, it is up to 100,000t/a.   
During the past several decades, CCESCC has taken part in the construction of several hundreds of large, middle -size projects all over the country, including chemical industry, petrochemical, coal chemical industry, metallurgical, municipal works, building and etc. Chemical industry and petrochemical projects include refinery, fertilizer , chemical industry, pharmacy, styrene, aniline, nitric acid phosphoric fertilizer, nitric acid, ammonia nitrite, synthetic ammonia, urea, soda ash, natrum, chlorine alkali, sodium hydrate, phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, acetic acid, fatty alcohol, coking, coal washing, coal liquification, oil converted gas, methanol, methyl ether, Benzene Hydrotreating,polysilicon. Smelting projects include steel mill, iron plant, cement plant, electrolytic aluminum, aluminum oxide, magnesium oxide and etc. Municipal Utilities include rubbish generating power plant, water purifying plant and coal gas plant. In addition, CCESCC has removed several units abroad and rebuilt at home successfully, including methanol, synthetic ammonia, urea and electrolytic magnesium units and etc. These rebuilt units reached design level with once trial run. Over hundreds of honorable titles have been awarded to CCESCC for the excellent construction works contracted, including: Silver medal for high Quality Project at State level; National Client Satisfying Project, National Welding Prize, the highest prize for Building Industry in China “Lu Ban” Prize, Chemical Industry Fine Construction Prize, “Fen Shui Cup” Prize at Province level, Shanxi Provincial Excellent Project Prize, Shanxi Provincial Client Satisfying Projects and etc.  
In recent years, CCESCC has removed six units abroad, including three methanol units and one synthetic ammonia & urea unit from USA, one methanol units from Japan, one magnesium from canada, and rebuilt them at home successfully. These units achieved and surpassed rated productive capacity with once trial run and then CCESCC was highly praised by the owners and corporations of the same trade. CCESCC accumulated rich experience in removal abroad and reinstallation at home.
In 2007, CCESCC signed two EPC contracts on clinker cement dry process plants in Mozambique and Tanzania (5000t/d), and this is the monument that CCESCC has stepped into international market and the range of EPC contractors. In 2008, CCESCC signed another contract on clinker cement dry process plants in Angola (5000t/d).
Keeping the business principle “Human First” in mind, CCESCC regards “training and retaining the talent” as a long-time strategic objective. Sticking to the concept of “The talent enrich the corporation and the corporation creates the talent, CCESCC introduces and trains talent from every aspect. From 2006-2008, CCESCC recruited over one thousand graduates, which improved the talent structure of CCESCC and formed a strong guarantee for the continuous , healthy and fast development of CCESCC.
CCESCC has been awarded many honorable titles including Central Enterprise Ideological and Political Work Advanced Unit” by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC), “Abide by Contracts, keep Good Credit” by State Industry & Commercial Bureau.  “China National Enterprise Satisfying Client” by the National Authorities, “China National Excellent Construction Enterprise”, “ China National Engineering Construction Quality Control Excellent Enterprise”, “ China National Engineering Construction Social Credit AAA”, “National Chemical Industry Excellent Construction Enterprise” “Shanxi Provincial Hundred Credit Model Enterprise”, “Top one hundred enterprises in Shanxi” “Shanxi Excellent Construction Enterprises”. As to the management of CCESCC, both “Project Joint Stock Management Contract Control” and “Construction Enterprise Audit in the midst of project management” were awarded Silver Prize of National Enterprise Administration Modernization Innovation Harvest.
Persisting in the business concept of “Harmoniously benefit together & make fine model”, CCESCC will sincerely offer the best service to the customers from domestic and overseas.